Midnight Forest 1988

Sy Winter, a young idealistic American, becomes stranded high in the mountain woods. Attracted by the beautiful Tanya, he is trapped into working for her violent husband and his decrepit wheelchair-bound father. As the ominous surroundings deepen his tortured desires for Tanya, his fantasies become reality and Sy is plunged into a nightmare of murder and revenge from which he cannot escape until he faces his own tortured nightmares.

The Visitor

A young woman arrives at the home of her new husband's estranged family to find the children behaving in increasingly unnerving ways.

Do You Believe?

A group of teenage friends spend the evening telling stories - only to find the stories are all too real

Sound from the Deep

An international research group is searching natural resources from the Arctic Ocean. They pick up a strange underwater sound from far north, and start to follow it to the uncharted waters.

The Antwerp Killer 1983

The city of Antwerp is being terrorized by a serial killer. When the killer discovers one of his victims is seeing a psychiatrist to overcome her trauma, he goes after her…

Silent Death 1991

Film about ghostly revenge from beyond the grave that starts out in a theater. Some of the actors plan a heist of the box office, which goes predictably awry and causes an unintended death...and that's when the horror begins.


Beatrice gets lost on her way home and has a horrific encounter with a dreadful stranger.

One in a Million 1986

This film is about a teenager who struggles over his purpose and meaning in life. One day, he saves a child’s life and tells his girlfriend that that act may have been the reason he was born. That weekend, while cleaning his mom’s attic, he discovers in her diary that he was never born. At that moment, he ceases to exist and because he never existed, the child he had saved is killed because he wasn’t there to save him.


No-budget homage to 80's slasher movies.

Spirit Love 1989

Ginny is a beautiful but very brittle singing star who agrees to be the face of a new hotel and a new drink. But she is tortured by the suicide of her lover the previous year. Soon, Ginny is found dead, hanging in her bathroom. The company directors panic and try to cover up. But Ginny's ghost obligingly reappears, and directs a junior staff member to a house in the country where a lookalike replacement can be found. Now, if they can only figure out a way of feeding Ginny's ashes to the double, they'll have her under their control....

The Bloody Curse 1987

High in the mountains of Northern Britain stands the haunted castle of Gortswill. In 1976 a young man killed two students and then walled up the bodies. And since then, eerie occurrences have happened at Gortswill. Will the dead find no rest? Part 1 of the Das Buch Der Blutigen Geschichten Trilogy

Terror 1981

Dr. Vishal, a mad scientist, turns into a bloodthirsty monster at night as result of an experiment that goes wrong when his wife injects him with a fatal chemical…

Baebaeng-i 1973

A powerful Minister Oh sends his political enemy Governor Jeong to exile and takes his son Jeong junior as a hostage. Oh's widowed daughter becomes in love for Jeong junior but he rejects her saying he is engaged with Bae Baeng-Yi who is a daughter of a noble family in Jeong Seung Gol village. Lady Oh is driven mad at jealousy of Bae Baeng-Yi. She disguises as a shaman and invites Bae Baeng-Yi to a mountain where she kills the girl. At her funeral as Bae Baeng-Yi's coffin doesn't move, a shaman holds an exorcism and asks Jeong junior to soothe for her spirit and fidelity. Finally funeral service is over without problem. By the way lady Oh, who is annoyed by Bae Baeng-Yi's resented spirit, falls from a cliff to death in a half-mad state. Those who exploited illicit and superstition die out.


When the outbreak happened, Roger fought in the fields, while Tony hid in the shelters. Now that the war is over, Roger is keeping a secret which he wants to share with Tony.